Technology Tools for the Classroom

Nrich.math.or Mathematics Enrichment

Teachers and students will find that NRICH provides rich media content, including games, interactive puzzles, and movies that teach various concepts in math. New content is published each month and there is also an archive of past months. The problems are selected each month to offer a variety of skills at different age levels along with supporting materials such as articles, games, and other resources. The packages offer teachers the opportunity to download and use offline, bundles of NRICH resources that help to develop a mathematical idea, and include extra guidance for using the resources in the classroom. There are packages for every age level dealing with a variety of concepts. The articles section offers teachers and students information on a range of topics from an introduction to magic squares to thinking about different ways of thinking. The Maths Finder offers visitors a way to find problems by choosing from more than two dozen curriculum topics. Additionally, there is a problem of the week and an "Ask NRICH" web-board that is monitored by a team of mathematicians who are ready to answer your math questions.
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